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The Barber Rig!

The Barber Rig was built for beauty, cosmetic, and hair grooming professionals around the world. Make with premium materials and backed with a lifetime warranty.

each Barber Rig is hand crafted with top of the line materials and backed by a lifetime warranty. If there is ever a defect, simply contact us and we will get you a brand new one!

Baber Rig

Why People Love the Barber Rig

Eliminate Clutter

The Barber Rig allows barbers, stylists, and other hair grooming professionals to easily access their frequently used tools while cutting.


The Barber Rig allows users to cut unrestricted to the normal contsraints of a traditional stationary barber work station.

Liftime Warranty!

If there is ever a defect or issue with the Barber Rig, just contact us for a brand new replacement.

Save Time !

By not being fixed to a traditional barber work station and eliminating the need to walk over to it every second, the barbers and hair professionals are able to save a lot of valuable time!


Pack it up in a Barber Backpack and take it anywhere!

A company you can TRUST

We’ve been in the hair, grooming, and technical wear space for years and aren’t going anywhere! That’s why we offer a LIFETIME warranty on the Barber Rig!

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